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July 2017 Trip Report

Nov 2016 JV Couple


To elaborate a little further on why HB was better this year than last, it really has to do with the restaurant at HB. The portions this year were larger than last, presented better and tasted better. Every meal, every day was delicious. We never did make it to any of the restaurants next door as there was no need to. As we didn’t sample them, we can’t give you a first-hand review of them. However, from the comments of others, they were no better and probably not as good as the HB restaurant. It was also our observation that the HB restaurant was much more crowded this year than last. Two times the wait staff had to bring in extra tables and chairs to accommodate the diners. A think that says something about the improvement at HB.

On another note, at check-in, we were up-graded to a swim-up suite. They gave us no reason for the up-grade but asked us not to mention it to the other guests. We assumed the place was not full and we were just lucky. However, the hotel was full every night of our stay. In fact, some Exotic Club members had to stay at El Dorado a couple of nights as HB was full. We were wondering if Castaways had anything to do with this. We booked in the spring and you guys helped us with cheaper rates twice before we finally left. Did that have anything to do with the up-grade?

The swim-up suite compared to the other suites was much more convenient in getting to the restaurant, the pool, the beach and the Moonlighter. So a big thank you to Castaways if you played a role in this.

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