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CH Couple May 2016

Lori did a great job helping us get transportation from a different resort in Cancun to Hidden Beach.  Usually it’s transport from airport and she went out of her way to set it up. We really appreciate that from her.We walked over to Sensimar (El Dorado Seaside Suites) but didn’t spend much time there or try the restaurants. The vibe was completely different from HBR. At HBR the staff and all the guests always are very friendly and give some sort of greeting even when just passing by, but at the “clothes minded” Sensimar Resort (next door) it was very quiet in that way, even by the pool. Everyone was quiet – not really conversing with others. Needless to say we really enjoyed the atmosphere and activities at HBR and couldn’t see why you would want to leave, other than for the nude cruise that we went on. (Wednesdays usually).  That was great especially the nude snorkeling.  We will do that again.We need to start planning next years trip.

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