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Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club is a vacation resort developed specifically for the needs of the nudist / naturist enthusiast. The idea for such a product was born out of Castaways Travel's week long nude group trip, organized in conjunction with the first ever nude flight, Naked Air in May of 2003. See:

Due to the huge interest and success of the first-ever nude flight between Miami and Cancun plus Nude Week at El Dorado
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of Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club.
both sponsored by Castaways Travel, the principals of Karisma Hotels and Resorts, a renowned hotel management company, decided to venture into this unique market niche to fill a gap in high quality nudist vacation. They conducted extensive research in the clothing-optional market, surveyed nudist vacationers, and with the assistance of several market leaders including Castaways Travel, Karisma developed --from the ground up-- a concept for a luxurious vacation product designed specifically for the needs of upscale nude vacationers.

Enter Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club, a quality, all-inclusive adults only nudist resort for both singles and couples. Its setting, location
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and architecture were created to provide worry-free nude vacationing. A nudist could literally spend a week at this property without having to put on a single piece of clothing once. That's because the 42-room beachfront resort is totally secluded and private, prohibiting entrance to anyone but the resort guests and staff.

You now have an all inclusive, self contained, clothing-optional resort in Mexico for adult singles and couples, where you can go nude ALL the time if you want to. This includes your suite, all common areas, swimming pool, the beach, sports bar, disco and fine dining restaurant, too. In actual practice, most guests enjoy the daytime nude around the pool and beach while night time finds most guests clothed for dinner and dancing.

Service is attentive and responsive without being over powering plus, if you're a guest of the Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club, you have full use of the facilities and three more restaurants at the El Dorado Seaside Suites next door... of course, with your clothes on!

Besides the public areas around the pool, beach and Jacuzzi, the resort offers nude dining at the all-inclusive restaurant and terrace outside around the pool, nude bars as well as a nude disco. Most guests dress for dinner, however. The private beach is perfect for nude sunbathing and a variety of beach activities and fun. The property features one main pool which is connected by an artificial river accessible by all first floor swim-up suites. The central area of the pool contains a large swim-up bar. Following the needs of nudist vacations, towels are available throughout the property for the convenience of its guests.

Beverage service is available throughout the premises including liquor dispensers in each of the 42 ocean front suites. Suites also feature a Jacuzzi tub for two and 24-hour room service which is included in the all-inclusive package. To enhance the value of the guest experience even further, the property's guests have full all-inclusive privileges at the neighboring El Dorado Resort, which includes a variety of bars, restaurants and activities. These, however, must be enjoyed fully clad.

Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel Club was created for guests who have nothing to hide. Both singles and couples are welcome for overnight visits and longer, of course. Day or night passes are restricted to couples only. For singles to visit the resort, overnight accommodations must be purchased. Guests from El Dorado must purchase a day or night pass and cannot enter Hidden Beach unannounced.

Hidden Beach has a liberal policy about being nude all the time or wearing clothes or swim suits. We have found as a result of many visits there, most all the guests are nude during the day for sunning and dining at breakfast/lunch. A few women may wear bikini bottoms for the time of the month. Some guests wear cover ups for a pool side snack at the restaurant during the day; some do not. In the evening, it depends on the crowd or group there: Some dress for dinner, others do not. And, since you have visitation rights at El Dorado, you will find some guests elect to be fully dressed to visit the five other restaurants next door. Clothing and swim suits are required at El Dorado Seaside Suites.

Bottom line: You will see some guests nude all the time at Hidden Beach; others may choose to dine while clothed. So: There is no one on staff who will tell you what to wear or not wear or where to go nude. Once you're within the gates and a grounds of Hidden Beach, you may be nude 24 hours/day if you so choose and you may also see other guests who choose to wear clothing while dining.

About the only improvement to wish for would be to clear out the rocky beach floor at waters edge the pool water could be warmer during the winter evenings which can be cool in Mexico between December to February (like 65-72 degrees F). Take aqua shoes to explore the beach water in front of the resort. For snorkeling with an easy beach entry and sandy bottom, put your swim suit on and go next door to the huge beach in front of El Dorado Seaside Suites. The resort provides complimentary snorkeling gear, too.

Printable PDF: Hidden Beach Reosrt - Facts-at-a-Glance

Note: The resort has positioned itself as a BOUTIQUE HOTEL to appeal to an upscale naturist environment for singles and couples. If you're looking for more "hedonistic" activity, you would be advised to choose another resort. Resort management does not condone overt displays of affection or misbehavior.

Average Temperature (F)
81.1 75.4 77 78.8 81.3 83.8 84.6 85.3 85.5 84.2 81.7 78.8 76.5
Average High Temperature (F)
86 81 82 84 85 88 89 90 90 89 87 84 82
Average Low Temperature (F)
72.9 67.8 68.7 70.2 72.9 75.2 76.5 76.6 76.3 75.7 74.1 71.6 69.3


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