Hidden Beach Trip Report by J.B

February 2010 – J.Bhidden beach photo gallery couple in the pool - Hidden Beach Trip Report by J.B

My wife and I just returned from our third trip to HBR in six years. We found the resort to be more beautiful than ever, lush with foliage and exceptionally clean. The service on the HBR side of the resort was the best we have ever experienced… “anywhere”. The morning/breakfast staff are just exceptional. As such, we contacted Castaways via cellular phone email late on a Friday, requesting to extend our stay three more days. They fulfilled our request easily, without issue, forwarding to the resort a new voucher within 24hrs and charging my credit card the following Monday. Castaways provided exceptional service, too. That’s why we use them.

We had a couple of issues with the Eldorado Seaside Suites side of the resort, and one with HBR. Each of these where handled by the resort or could be avoided by future travelers.

Apparently, the owner of HBR had secured several “Peacocks” and pinned them behind a portion of the HBR rooms. Perhaps as a small little Zoo? Beautiful as they were in the day, these “frick’n” birds squawked often for several nights. After several days of complaints by various guests, we woke one fine morning to find the birds and their entire double fenced pen… gone! Obviously, the HBR resort preferred paying guests to the squawking Peacocks.

As we typically “dress” for dinner, my wife and I utilized the Eldorado restaurants for dinner the first 7 (of 11) days on our trip. The food was always very good or great. However, twice we experienced very slow service in the “former” reservation only restaurants. The new policy of “no reservations” also yielded 20-30 minute wait times during peak dinning hours. Veda is a new restaurant to the resort since our last visit. We ate at Veda three times, always with great satisfaction. Finally, after a poor service dinner elsewhere, we choose to eat dinner on the HBR side of the resort. Oops! We should have done that much sooner and certainly more often. The HBR staff and food are always excellent. We’re not sure why we didn’t do that much sooner.