Hidden Beach Trip Report by RD

April 2010 – RDTopless Woman Hidden Beach Trip Report by RD

The food was excellent. I enjoyed all the options, whethere the indoor dining, outdoor patio dining, or poolside buffet. Food quality was always great, and variety was very enjoyable. In all cases the service was fantastic. It is an added touch the way they remembered our names. We did not visit El Dorado this time, but last time we did. We found the wait staff at HBR to much friendlier. We understand the “dark side” (El Dorado) has a much larger clientele. But that is one of the reasons we love HBR, the personal touch. We especially love Carlos at the swim up bar. He is a master…

We had a great time taking our friends to HBR. We visited last November and couldn’t wait to go back with friends.

The setting was perfect, the food and service excellent, and the (nude catamaran) boat cruise a blast.

Air Conditioner
We had one thing that marred the vacation. We got their late on a Friday and the A/C didn’t work. No big, we toughed out the night, since it stopped working around 1 AM, we couldn’t expect them to fix it in the middle of the night. However, it broke down again the night before we left. We called this time but no one answered the phone at the desk. When we reported it to the head concierge the next day, he was very rude. He questioned why we didn’t report the day before we left. He had seen us the day before and asked how our time was, we said fine. The next day when we reported the A/C issue, we also said that the noise from the repair of the hot tub leak above was also a little disturbing. He wanted to know why we didn’t report that the day before. Well it hadn’t happened yet. In fact we were the ones who reported the water leak in the first place. Anyway, he was extremely rude and indifferent. They offered us a discount on the room on our next trip but had to be used within an year. I just felt his whole attitude was very unprofessional, particularly since we had just become Karisma members the day before all of this. Not cool. Didn’t impress our friends much either (nor the many friends we have at Laguna Del Sol.) Our overall experience at HBR has been fantastic, that is why we bought into future weeks. We did complete an exit survey and passed on our feelings as stated in this email and the one previous (including our concerns).