Hidden Beach Trip Report by Bill

May 2010 – BillAerial View Hidden Beach Trip Report by Bill

We had a fabulous time at Hidden Beach. After researching the resort thoroughly, we had very high expectations. I can tell you without reservation that our expectations were not only met, they were in many ways exceeded. We loved the beach palapas, the pool bar, the grounds, our swim-up suite, and the food and drinks.

Above all else, what really blew us away was the staff, which was beyond compare. From Brenda, to Angel, Jorge, Jesus, Cosme, Carlos, Felix, Aniceto, Esmeralda, and others, the staff members were incredible. By the end of the week, we weren’t saying goodbye to workers, but rather to dear friends. Their kindness, hospitality, and humor were genuine, not an act. It was a real pleasure to get to know each of them. Each took the time to learn something about us and remember our particular likes & preferences. Quite simply, we were bowled over by their warmth as well as their efforts to please everyone.

A word about Hidden Beach’s restaurant and food : Spectacular. Really. There are so many choices, every day, for every meal, with menus as well as buffets and a la carte options, that we were never disappointed in this area. We’ve read elsewhere that not everyone is overjoyed by the food — or the rooms, for that matter — at Hidden Beach, but we have absolutely no complaints about either!

The only thing we had a little trouble getting used to was the daily custom of nudity (or lack of it) practiced by other guests. We figured the whole place would be nude practically all the time (and this is certainly allowed by the resort). Instead, guests were often clothed — not just for dinner (we expected that) but for breakfast and lunch, too. I don’t feel comfortable getting naked when others are not naked, so this was less than ideal — but not a big issue. We did have plenty of naked time on the beach, in the ocean, in the pool, and at the swim-up bar.

Would we go back to Hidden Beach? In a heartbeat! Will we recommend it to others? Absolutely, without reservation. If only it didn’t take so long to get there and back! Good luck.