Hidden Beach Trip Report by S&D

July 2010 – S & D

We would like to direct your attention to events which occurred during our recent stay at Hidden Beach Resort. We arrived on Monday July 12 for a seven day stay in a swim up room. Remodeling using hammers, drills and power saws started on our second day –20 feet from (and directly in front of) our patio door lasting from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. The construction lasted for four days. During this time it was too noisy to nap in our room and nearby palapa and we were uncomfortable using our patio or swim-up area with the workers right there watching and within earshot the entire time. Other than apologizing and making excuses the staff offered nothing for our inconvenience and at one point even pretended to be unaware that work was even being performed outside of our room! The air-conditioner went out on the second night and was not fixed until noon the third day. (About 18 hours with no air-conditioning in our room.)

Our room / swim up was situated at the end of the line. Although the other rooms/swim up each had a jet to keep the water flowing, ours did not work and the jets from the rooms upstream pushed debris back to us. Thus, the swim-up for our room was full of debris, floating drink straws, wood chips and shavings from the remodeling work and an oil slick. The area was skimmed and vacuumed on Tuesday after we arrived and not again until Sunday before we left. Would you want to share a drink or snack or cuddle with your significant other in a murky stagnant canal full of floating debris? Constant smell of “septic” / raw sewage in our room. The problem came and went during the entire stay and seemed to be worse in the hours following the rainstorms which occurred during our stay. There were several other guests at our end (the 1200 building) that experienced the same smell. Lack of hot water from the hours of 7:00 PM to midnight. Our biggest complaint however is the clothing optional policy.

There were a significant number of guests with suits at the pool and nearly all (I think we were the only couple nude) dressed for dinner and the evening show. It made us feel uncomfortable to be the only nude couple at dinner or at the dance. When we returned from our vacation and spoke with our travel agent (Jennifer at Castaways Travel,) she informed us that it is customary for guests to “dress” when dining at the resort for etiquette reasons. Frankly, we are confounded! The website clearly shows couples dining in the evening in the nude. In fact, in the photo displayed on the website, there is not one single couple in clothing. Based on the website information, my husband and I arrived for our seven day vacation with nothing more than a backpack containing toiletries and one or two pairs of shorts. As nudists, we pay extra for the privilege to be nude. We should not have to feel uncomfortable or out of place after paying the additional cost of this privilege! My husband and I are business owners. This was the first time in five years that we were able to get away from our business for a full week of vacation. To say that we are disappointed in our experience at Karisma’?s Hidden Beach resort is an understatement. The resort has given us a 3 day coupon for a future stay. This would require us to want to go back. Not sure we will. We would have preferred a credit to our account immediately.

Castaways Comments: Resort closed Sept 1-Dec 15 for 3 months to overhaul the plumbing system, physical plant and upgrade the resort’s guest rooms in addition to redecorating. Nudity during meals varies with the mix of guests at the resort during the week. Guests may choose to be nude for meals or dress for meals. More often than not, guests wear some type of cover up although it is NOT mandatory.