Hidden Beach Trip Report-Mary & Jim

December 2010 – January 2011 – Mary Ellyn & Jim Weissman

OK… this was without a doubt one of the best trips we’ve had in years…possibly ever! By comparison we’ve been to Hedo 2 and 3 (15 times) Desire, and Temptation. First, I really LOVE Cancun. It’s so pretty, clean, fresh, bright and kept up. The people are LOVELY. So genuinely warm and very attentive and gracious! We not only were thanked repeatedly for visiting the resort on our last day but also thanked for ‘coming to my country’ a couple of times. I liked that!

The resort has 42 suites. The entire place was upgraded and redecorated between Oct and December 2010. Some things were still being finished when we got there but everything was freshly repainted or new. (All the guest rooms have been completely revamped and upgraded complete with new plumbing, furniture, soft goods, new bath, flat screen TV and new A/C).

1. Staff…friendly, warm, genuine, silly, playful, yet allowed all the privacy you wanted. Only two ECs (Entertainment coordinators) who were pretty good; they were nice and had games and a few small events going but not nearly as high energy party all the time as other resorts so if that’s important to you, you may not care for this aspect

2. Rooms – well they are BEAUTIFUL. Spacious, clean and sparkling. King bed was SOOOO comfortable with new luxurious mattresses. Two nice white bathrobes for wearing around the resort. These came in very handy as it was breezy late in the day so we needed them after we got out of the hot tub in the afternoons.

3. Dining….there is one main dining room. All meals are advertised as ‘Gourmet Inclusive’ breakfast, lunch and dinner were ala carte but there was a small continental breakfast buffet if you wished and there was a pool side grill for two hours in the afternoon. PLENTY to choose from. Servings are reasonably small…I was full at every meal…but you could always request double servings or seconds.

You can go next door to El Dorado Seaside Suites… which has 5 more gourmet restaurants to choose from at no additional cost but we quite simply never felt like leaving Both resorts, for a fee starting at $250 and up, will provide a romantic seaside candle light dinner for two on the beach though we never tried this. There is no midnight buffet but room service has excellent quality food and though they list it as ending at 11:30pm we ordered after 12:30am.

4. Atmosphere. Nudity is optional ANYWHERE and is experienced everywhere. Though honestly I didn’t see anyone working out nude in the gym! You can be nude in the dining room too (if you prefer). Poolside you will see everything from two pieces and trunks to fully nude. MOSTLY fully nude, quite a bit topless, and very few in trunks or full suits…and a lot of people throwing those robes on when it gets chilly later in the day/evening. In the dining room at all meals you can expect to see people fully nude, topless with sarongs, in shorts/t-shirts or sun dresses, or in sexy club wear – even having a gourmet dinner in their bathrobes! The thing is, no matter where you are, you really don’t get a sense of feeling awkward if you are nude or if anyone else walks out fully clothed. It’s just the standard that no one cares!

5. Pool/Hot tubs One main pool. A large hot tub probably about 50 feet to the side of the pool. Another hot tub is at the ‘Midnight Palapa’ about the same size at the open-air disco/bar. There are many lounge chairs around the pool but also a lot of palapa beds on the pool deck and a slew of them down the beach facing the ocean. We spent most of our days lounging on the beach palapas, sleeping, reading, relaxing! It was great! Staff will find you and offer to bring you drinks, even food, but it’s not like they are always present so you often get your drinks yourself. But they DO offer and will be happy to serve you when they are around. Towels are EVERYWHERE! There is NO tolerance of PDAs here. Sexy fun, flirting, hugging, even spooning on the palapa beds is fine..but no overt sexual activity…not even late at night in the hot tub like you may see at other resorts.

6. Moonlight Palapa…there is a bar, a stage, a dance floor, DJ booth, bar tables and stools, some small ‘beds’ for sitting or lounging on and a few small couch and the jacuzzi area. It’s quite large and though it’s outside and open air, it’s right in front of the ocean so it’s very breezy when they open the side shades at night for the ocean breeze. Music is pretty good…almost any type when you request it and though it’s loud it never blasts your eardrums uncomfortably. There is no place else to go in the evening (Although next door at El Dorado, there is entertainment and dancing after dinner). After dinner everyone heads over to the palapa and sometimes they have a small show and other times a local band, which usually starts around 9 PM followed by dancing to the DJ’s music the rest of the night. Things tended to end early the week we were there with the disco closing up between 12 AM and 1 AM most nights. We were told by other guests this just depends on the crowd as when there were there in the past it stayed busy later. The disco is scheduled to be open until 2AM so if you want, they will keep the music going.

7. Spa… I have to mention the spa services. Beach front or in the spa… you have a full service spa and if you ever go, ask for Joshua or Jenny. I had Joshua…this young man politely beat me up! He did it so well I paid him to do it a second time the next day!!! This guy really knows his stuff – even manipulation. I could barely walk I was so weak when he finished. Jim had Jenny and said she was excellent too!

8. Guest atmosphere. We made some good friends already our first trip. People are just as friendly and outgoing as any other resort we’ve been to. Even though a large group of people were regulars for New years week we were welcomed and had met nearly everyone by the end of the week. Loads of fun and laughter. Everyone is happy if you want to be by yourselves or if you want to join in the socializing. Dining is more of a quieter time with all tables either for two or four people, but we did see a few groups pull two tables together to seat six or eight, (although it’s hard on the waiters to try to serve every dish hot). Singles are welcome but there aren’t many who frequent the resort. My impression was it depended on the crowd but mostly not many singles visit. The age range appeared mostly 40s and up…though you definitely got the feeling that everyone is welcome, that’s just what we saw the week we were there.

9. Fitness room. Small but recently built… a whole new room was added. Only one treadmill, 3 bikes, one elliptical, full barbell set and a couple of benches They had two A/C units that worked well plus three huge fans. A fridge, ice tea, bottled water, towels, yoga mats, magazines, stereo system and TV.

All in all we were pampered and spoiled without the feeling of snootiness or anyone being snobby. Staff was incredibly attentive and fun – and guests were friendly and fun.

We are definitely planning on returning! Jim and Mary Ellyn Weissman.