Hidden Beach Trip Report by VG

February 2011 – VGnude snorkeling Hidden Beach Trip Report by VG

Got back from HBR last Monday. The rooms were greatly improved, modern, clean with new air conditioning units. The indoor room of the restaurant was also redone with sliding glass doors on two sides, which allowed for beautiful breezes when weather permitted.

We found the food to be about the same, some dishes were really wonderful and some were tasteless. Unlike in the past, you can no longer make reservations for the restaurants at El Dorado, so the wait can be very long or none depending on the night and the restaurant.

The lunch BBQ was a bit of a disappointment. Mostly burgers, chicken and pasta salad, the fish was limited, and dry. (Proteins were partially grilled and set aside, then reheated and served). We preferred to order off the a-la-carte menu most days and supplement with vegetables or green salad off the BBQ buffet. The food is prepared fresh and the selection was more to our liking.

The dinner menu at HBR has many similar items as the El Dorado menus and the service is remarkably better. Thank you Porfirio for the wonderful special dessert you had prepared for us on our last night. It was phenomenal.

We booked a swim-up room but could not get 7 nights so they were to move us the last two nights to a second floor room. We were told the morning of the move that we would have to check out at noon and wait until 3PM to check into the new room. We found this unacceptable, and politely made that clear. We received a call shortly thereafter that our second floor room was available and a bellman was immediately sent over to move all our things from one room to another.

The swim-up bathroom had a slight odor of sewer occasionally when flushed, but it was a vast improvement from the past. The second floor room was more spacious, less damp and had no odor at all.

Hot tub temperatures varied from very hot to luke-warm each afternoon. We spoke with Manual and he did achieve in getting it adjusted before that evening. The pool was still very cold, we were told they are still testing the heating system, I am doubtful that we will see an improvement though.

Internet service was greatly improved, we were able to get wireless by the pool almost always, in our second floor room with no problem, and only on and off in the swim-up.

Once again, the people we meet and the staff at HBR are the reasons we go back. Thank you Esperanza, Angel, Jesus, Porfirio, Carlos, Godino, Barbie and all others I forgot to mention here. We love you all!