Hidden Beach Trip Report by B&J

hbr-slider-013March 2011 – B & J

We just got back from a week in HBR. The weather was great and the transfers to and from the airport arranged by Castaways travel went off without a hitch. The resort itself while small was very clean and modern. It just went through a remodeling in 2010 and it showed. It was very nice. Check in was quick and easy with no hassles, unlike some of the other resorts we have been to.

The dining facilities were somewhat limited at the resort itself but there were several restaurants that you could use on the El Dorado side or “dark side” as guests called it. However, expect long waits while eating as they use the continental style of delivering the food. We almost left a few times without getting a meal because it appeared the waiters had forgotten about us. The food was good but the portions were a little on the small side so sometimes we orders two appetizers.

The staff were very pleasant and room service and maid service were fine. The pool was very nice and clean, some complained that the water was cold but I didn’t think it was a problem. Every day there was a volleyball game if like that sort of thing. 20 -30 people would gather at the main hot tub in the evening around six and waiters would bring drinks from the pool bar. There is a second hot tub over by the dance floor that people didn’t use near as much for some reason, probably because there was no bar service. They have some nice beach beds but you have to get up early to get one as some people would put there stuff on them to hold them the night before and then never show up all day.

The entertainment consisted of live bands three of the nights and some of them were very good. The dance floor sometimes had the pool table in the middle of it which was odd and did upset some of the guests because they couldn’t get it moved. The tables to the side of the floor weren’t set up to be conducive to meeting other people but that would be a simple fix. The overall atmosphere was pleasant if a little sedate, perhaps due to the older crowd that was there during our visit. The only real complaint that I had was that I ate something at the resort that Montezuma used to get his revenge. And he got it. Never left the room for one whole day, but that can happen anywhere.

If we ever go back we will go with group of friends so that we can liven it up a little bit.