Hidden Beach Trip Report by G&M

Hidden Beach Resort Logo Hidden Beach Trip Report by G&MJune 2011 – G & M

As we have come to expect, Hidden Beach after the renovation is fantastic; the staff outstanding, and the service superb. We really enjoyed the trip all the way from pick-up @ the airport and return. They now are using Lincoln Navigators for the private vehicles.

When we arrived Omar & Oscar were there and welcomed us back. The room was ready and we went to settle in. Surprise was Lomas had scheduled an appointment with them for return at 1700 and we did not leave the airport ‘til after 1600. After we went to the room I went next store to get the return transport set up.

The food at HBR was excellent but we did try a couple of the other restaurants next store. Friday night was good but we were a little tired. There was a good group of people and made the stay very enjoyable. Eleven couples from The Cypress Cove in FL and a least 2 couples non-US. I’ll mention the staff by name: they gave us outstanding service: Front desk: Omar and Oscar – Room: Rosita – Waite staff: Angel, Aniceto, Jesus, Fernando, Escidro, Alex, Galdino, and Marcellino – Bar staff: Carlos (AM) and David – Karisma rep: Manueld

Maintenance was fast and efficient: we had a couple of items we called in about one was the A/C in the room the control. I was able to get it to work before they arrived but they checked anyway (10 mins or so from when I called). The second was the light on our patio area was out and they fixed with 20 mins. Excellent.

A couple of items to look into:

1 – shower adjustment was a little tricky but it varied from hot (very) to cold at times without adjustment. A couple of rooms noted we were in 1108 and another couple in 1211.

2 – purchased an upscale wine and it was bad. 2006 Pinot Noir. They did not charge us but we were disappointed. Maybe how they are storing the wine.

The last item I am not sure how to solve. The bands and the DJ tend to play the music too loud for the size of the facility they are in. Sometimes you cannot talk with anyone else. We were in 1108 and when in the room it sounded like the band or DJ were right outside the room.

We met Michele the new entertainment director for Karisma resorts. Very energetic and enthusiastic. He may be a plus for hidden beach.

An accounting (billing) error was a surprise but even more was the response to rectify the issue (before we knew about it). Outstanding in the response time. I have received a scanned copy of the refund they have entered into the system.