Hidden Beach Trip Report by Pierrot13

Trip Report by Pierrot13October 2012 – Pierrot13

For our third time visit to HBR, we’d joined the Castaways takeover for the ‘Rendezvous on the Riviera 2012′ from Oct. 13-20, 2012. The resort was sold out during this week and we had a lot of fun. Thanks to James and Champagne who came with us for the week and programmed special activities with the resort. What a great vacation with sun everyday and only 2 short showers in late afternoon. No problem, everybody in the Jacuzzi continued talking with new friends while covering our hands over our glass to avoid refilling them with water.

Two guys continued to play ping pong beside the pool despite the rain…crazy funny boys. Thanks to all the staff for your great job with smiles and they made us feel like coming back home. Lot of funny people coming from USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia and all around the world, speaking to everyone, all in the nude. Wish all the world leaders could come together to HBR, in the nude, and maybe no more war!!!

Great food everyday. We’d gone only one time to the ‘dark side’ (El Dorado) and had a great time for dinner at the international restaurant. We visited the Tulum Mayan ruins with Lomas Travel. It’s very beautiful and what a beach under the cliff along the ruins, like Thailand or Vietnam beach scenery. Coming back for a fourth time? Sure!!

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