Hidden Beach Trip Reports by RL

Hidden Beach Trip Reports by RLJanuary 2013 – RL

10 days at HB was overall very good. We were there in Feb 2009 before the renovations and they were nice improvements like the pool side grill. We have been at Couples Sans Souci the three years in between.

* Facilities are great
* Nice public bathrooms
* Great towel service
* Food is good although I actually had two meals with pretty tough beef
* Service is excellent
* Staff are excellent
* Great catamaran cruise because we made it a riot
* Hot tubs are really nice.

Possible improvements:
* How do we get a few more younger people there
* Minimal night time fun but we made our own
* It would be preferred not to arrive when there is a large group there like the “Jays” at the end of January
* More usage of the pool side grill for lunch
* Better communication on night time activities
* There should be a night time activity called “lingerie night”
* Pool bar really should have “real fruit” drinks versus concentrate.. we are paying a lot to go there. I am certain the concentrate mixes are no good for you.
* Too much “time share” selling or whatever they want to call it

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