Hidden Beach Trip Report by TS

Hidden Beach Trip Report by TSFebruary 2013 – TS

This our third time there. I can see positive physical improvement in the property, room was much improved since our 2008 or 09 visit. Grounds were much more developed. We spent most of our socializing time talking with ‘Exotic’ members. Day two They were almost apologizing for the service. The wait staff worked extremely hard and were extremely pleasant But the food service is not what it used to be. In 7 days we ate there twice, and one Buffett and four times next door which was a first for us. I wonder if the Exotic program has caused the reduction in staff in that with less revenue Hidden Beach had to cut back both wait staff and kitchen ? Some members had a sit down with the mgr and Exotic. I’m used to Jamaica where they make a big deal out of returning guests. Here there was absolutely nothing. I felt That if you were not Exotic and paying full price, you were a second class guest. Crazy! I think the reduced rates for Exotic Are definitely reflected. Now maybe when Castaways goes they step it up?? I did pay full price, our dome suite was right next to the disco. First time I have been back since the disco was moved. I will not go back unless I know which room I’ m committing to. I hope this is passed on, room was very nice, food service has dropped way off And they didn’t really act like mgt cared About repeat customers unless of course you want to but into Exotic? Thanks, TS

Castaways Note: Castaways intervened in this situation and interviewed in person the General Manager, Paula Negrete, about the issues. The statement of “Heated swimming pools” was removed from the official company website maintained by the Management company, Karisma Resorts which operates both El Dorado Resorts and Hidden Beach. Paula indicated in subsequent winter seasons, the swimming pool at Hidden Beach would be maintained at a certain temperature but no specifics were offered.