Hidden Beach Trip Reports by AG

Hidden Beach Trip Reports by AGFebruary 2013 – AG

Do not get me wrong, we love Hidden Beach. It is truly at the top of the heap for this type of resort in all areas. If the dinners were improved then it would certainly be 5 star.

Hidden Beach is a very nice resort. The staff is excellent, grounds and rooms are all well maintained. Only issue that we have this trip February 2013 and the last trip March 2012 is with the dinners. Breakfast and lunches are fine. The dinners were just awful. Meats were like rubber. It is almost as if in an effort to try to be Gourmet they have sacrificed quality. How can you ruin mashed potatoes? You could bounce ours. Caesar salad was fine. All the other things billed as salad had such a mish-mash of non salad stuff in them that it was hard to find anything green. Lobster Thermador was served as a patty that looked and tasted like a piece of Spam. If it had just been myself and my husband complaining I would say we are too fussy but everyone at the resort that we talked to had the same impression. Hope that the dinner menu can be revised to at least contain a few items that are edible.

Many of the guests that we talked to resorted to ordering off of the room service menu than to subject themselves to what was served in the dining room. Heck even if they exchanged the room service menu for the dining room menu it would be an 80% improvement.