Hidden Beach Trip Report by R & D Atlanta

Hidden Beach Trip Report by R & DOctober 2013 – R & D Atlanta

This was our second trip for the Rendezvous on the Riviera & had so much fun. We had to miss last year’s trip for business & was very disappointed. Luckily there were a lot of people we met the first time that were there again. Plus we met so many new friends this time as well. We were sad that you & Champagne had to leave early but completely understand.

I wanted to let y’all know that Marilyn & Gus really stepped up and made sure everyone was enjoying themselves There was a problem with the music or lack of & Marilyn was right on it. What music they had been playing was the same old stuff & when Marilyn spoke with them they stepped it up which got everyone moving & dancing, even in the pool. The speaker at the pool was blown so she made sure it was replaced. The last night, Friday, the DJ was FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Loved him. If I’m not mistaken I think he came from the dark side! Ruben was like an energizer bunny. That guy never stopped. I always thought they had at least two people before but he did the work of 3 people.

There were some changes with the resort that were all great. We LOVED the shower. The Staff was exceptionally friendly, attentive, and took care of anything you needed. Sometimes the Breakfast service was a little slow but Hey, we’re on vacation. I have only one complaint about Hidden Beach & that is the flooring at the front door. We stayed in 1101 which was the first room by the Moonlight Lounge. It was loud at night but we have sleeping pills so that wasn’t the problem. Thursday when it rained I came back to the room to drop off things we had at the pool & prepared to go to the Hot Tub to meet everyone. Thinking going out the front door was a closer route, I did. My feet went straight up in the air & landed on my Butt HARD! Two of the staff member came running immediately to help me up which I needed because those tiles were like glass. It happened so fast & didn’t have time to do anything which was a blessing because nothing got hurt. I was a little sore that day and dreaded the next day but to my surprise didn’t even have a bruise. I talked to Lewie & Elaine & he had a similar experience going out his front door. Plus our maid skidded into our room & grabbed to door before she fell. That is one thing that the management needs to address before someone seriously gets injured.

Castaways Note: We have been in contact with the General Manager for El Dorado/Hidden Beach and have offered suggestions and recommendations.

Sorry for the novel but have so much that we enjoyed. We ate at 3 of the restaurants at the Dark Side & really enjoyed that as well. So to make this long story not longer, we enjoyed it very much. With our business it’s hard to make plans so far in advance, but God willing, we will be back next year. I almost forgot about Lomas. They were great too, as usual. Thanks for planning all of these Rendezvous, R & D Atlanta