Hidden Beach Trip Reports by St James

Hidden Beach Trip Reports by St JamesJanuary 2014 – StJames

This was our fourth time to HBR and it was as wonderful as ever. Pleasant weather, very well maintained facilities and an overall feeling of relaxation. I highly recommend the resort. The morning staff is exceptional. Jesus, Anacito and Diego are attentive, friendly and genuinely happy to see a returning guest. Espaeranza, the afternoon bar waitress is as pleasant as ever and can not do enough for you. Ah, but the sun goes down and they all go home.

The night staff in the restaurant are all amateurs with no leadership. On one occasion, it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get our dinner. On another the order (late again) was completely mixed up. We took it only because of the time. I looked in vain for a matre di but none was there. The night time restaurant runs on auto pilot and a faulty one at that. Our solution, go to the El Dorado restaurants at night and skip the HBR chaos. Another problem we encountered for the first time was that a large group was in the hotel.

The group was put together by an individual and they tended to socialize together to the exclusion of other guests. One of the nice things about HBR is the friendly atmosphere. It was not so friendly this time. I am not sure how to address this issue other than to confirm before hand that no such group is there. However, we will definitely go again!