Hidden Beach Trip Report by George

Hidden Beach Trip Report by GeorgeFebruary 2014 – George

We had a wonderful time, this was on my bucket list for a long time,The shuttle at arrival and departure was excellent,

The greeting by America on check in was smooth and she was wonderful to us the entire time. Carlos Juan and Eperanza were great, a Waiter Jesus really was the best, a couple of them were iffy but we ate and the food was good. We tried the new restaurant as people called it, Did not find it to be in our type of eating and we did not try the others based on a lot of comments from our friends so we just ate at Hidden beach, The hassle of dressing taking time away from our purpose was not worth it.

Room Keys: Minor suggestions you get card and where do you put a card? A lot of them were lost, America gave us her necklace and punched a hole so we could hang around our neck, That should be standard in my opinion. But even then take off for the hot tub and pool and forget it, lot of that happened also.

We had asked when booking for a ground floor they were full so agreed to a second we got a third, nice room great view but I have bad knees and hips so it was a struggle went down in the AM and up in the PM made it work.

We have no complaints, We want to go back We will have to see what happens to airline flight fares , as they already are trying to make up the billions of dollars lost back, may be prohibitive to our budget. Thanks for the help and concern.