Hidden Beach Trip Report by Rockhill

February 2014 by Rockhillcouple enjoying a moment by the pool Hidden Beach Trip Report by Rockhill

This was our first trip to Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico. We had booked the trip via Castaways Travel and all went as planned; airline, ground transportation and reservations.

Travel down and back was via Spirit airlines. Other than total lack of leg room cannot really complain too much. Yes, they seem to nickel and dime you for everything but the total cost for airfare was still way lower than other options.

The resort grounds are beautiful and were kept clean at all times and all places. Our room, swim up suite, was wonderful in every way. While they cost more I think the location and advantage given by your private porch more than make it worthwhile. The pool was heated as I could see steam rising off of it in the early morning. Having said that the pool was ok while the water in front of room was too cool to enjoy sitting in at table.The beach is far from the best so if that is high on your list of requirements you will not be happy. This is an all-inclusive resort and drinks were plentiful and good. I am far from being a foodie or food critic, but this is one area that needs some improvement. Food was not bad, nor was it memorable. Beautiful presentations, but mostly bland from a taste perspective to me. We did not dine at neighboring Seaside Suites which was available to us.

I have never encountered a more friendly and personable staff than what we found at Hidden Beach. Not just one person, but every staff member who helped you our just walked past in the performance of their duties. Cheerfulness, personalities, going out of their way to greet you and to make you feel welcome and appreciated, just outstanding.

The ?? worth what paid for aspect of an all-inclusive resort is highly subjective. I will leave that for others to decide for themselves. As for us, we plan to return next year.

A quick commentary on the trip from Cancun to the resort. We never felt threatened or in danger at any time. Having said that, it is quite different seeing so many check points on highways manned by police with assault weapons on their shoulders. Seeing the poverty outside the resorts, high fences and guards everywhere, makes one appreciate home just a little more.