Gary and Terrie  April 28 – May 5, 2017

This was our 8th visit to Hidden Beach Resort (HBR) as part of the Castaways groups and as expected, we had a marvelous time and plan on returning.  We have hosted the HBR Anniversary week and for the last 3 years and invite you to join us next year for the 16th anniversary.  



We had a great flight from Ohio to Cancun.  


When we arrived in Cancun, Immigration and Customs were fully staffed with very little wait time.  Lomas’ main operation (transportation) is in the middle isle, but the private car operation is just past the Margaretville Tiki Bar to the right.  Everything went very smooth and we were in the car and on our way to HBR. The Lomas driver was very pleasant and even returned to HBR to give Gary his cell phone that was left in the car.


Upon arrival, we were greeted with “Welcome Home”, and it certainly felt like it.  Registration was smooth, but as usual, the room was not ready. As normal, we went to the pool, ate lunch with a few crevasses and started to relax and enjoy the festivities at the pool, mingled and started to know people and gain new friends.  Our room was ready shortly after.


Friday evening we ate dinner at HBR and made it an early evening being a travel day.  The food was just as we had recalled, fantastic.



On Saturday, many of the guests arrived, HBR provided guest with a warm, scented towel and special Castaways martini!  There was also an open bar and refreshments. Upon guest arrival, we distributed the Castaway sling bags and gifts and the extras to some potential new clients.  The new sling bag was a hit.


The lobster dinner (A special treat for Castaways Guest) was very much appreciated.  Those with Swim Ups ate on their patio outside their rooms. Others ate in the courtyard or on the beach, everyone raved how romantic it was.


With Saturday being a travel day for most of the guest, there was no official Castaways theme night.  However, HBR had their normal Glow Night with the body painting, which many participated in. This was a special night as we participated and were painted twice this week (HBR night and Castaways night)  



We had a very relaxing day at the pool.  HBR has incorporated Foam Parties into their regular schedule so we enjoyed a sneak peek at what was to come on Tuesday.  

We signed up for spa treatments and took advantage of the opportunity to try the Au Natural Water Journey at the Naay Spa on Sunday evening; a very relaxing and soothing experience.


Rocker night was a GREAT with many Guns and Roses themed fans.  HBR entertainment has a great rock and roll band that extended their playing time at the request on the guest:  One More Song!


Lots of volleyball throughout the day, Flips Flops and Margaritas (a new activity) was entertaining.  Castaways hosted a Meet and Great by the hot tub and HBR provided Champaign and delicious appetizers.


School Girl Night brought out many a naughty girl in a variety of teeny, tiny schoolgirl skirts and even a few school principles.  Some men were not going to be outdone and we had Christina, Juanita, and even Josephine grace us with their presence as school girls this year.  



The Foam Party we highly anticipated again this year, even with HBR incorporating this into their regular event schedule (a HBR double events for us).  A fun time was had by all with the foam and water balloons fight.

The evening entertainment had us in the theme of Masquerade; was relaxing with us arriving at Moonlight in our Masks and Sexy Lingerie.



We and 26 guests sailed the Nude Catamaran Cruise, including the host couple.  Great day on the water: two snorkeling opportunities and the wind cooperated so many guests tried the Spinnaker sail.  This year, the BBQ lunch was able to be on the beach and the food was phenomenal: ribs, shrimps, chicken wings, a variety of salads, etc.  Those guest who stayed at HBR enjoyed the quiet day.

With everyone loving the song from the Zac Brown Band, “Castaways” ( and someone even brought “Wilson” the volleyball (from the Castaways movie), the Castaways party was very enjoyable.  



A relaxing day around the pool with plenty of volleyball, tequila, crevasses, mudslides, dirty bananas and everything else.  

Glow Night, the body painter once again did a great job and with many of the men ended up being painted.  


The afternoon had the traditional volleyball game between the Hidden Beach staff and guest with the staff winning, as normal (they had some ringers).  You certainly don’t want to be the one hitting the ball into the pool bar or you have to do a tequila shot!


The HDR 15th Anniversary dinner was held outside around the pool and the weather was mild, a slight breeze and a beautiful evening.  Everything was orchestrated perfectly and the dinner was a lovely affair. There was a Champaign toast and a special cake and deserts that were very professional and extremely tasty.  The “Jersey Boys” were the best entertainment of the week.



Goodbyes with a lot of hugs and kisses, we were planning to be back next year with promises of bigger and better events and fun already being planned.  



  • Hidden Beach Resort Restaurant – whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food was delicious and a variety for every meal.  Breakfast and lunch could be ordered off the menu or buffet style; the buffet lunch at the pool was in the new outdoor kitchen (pictures attached).  Castaway guest were treated to a surf and turf dinner which was individualized by HRB for each guest. The service was exceptional all week.
  • Gourmet Pub:  Reservations required.  Both appetizers and entries are small potions, but very good.  Order many items, but guest raved on the uniqueness of the menu options.
  • Mia Casa (Italian):  There are two Italian restaurants serving the same menu, both great
  • Klay Talay (Asian):  Reservations required.  The décor is stunning. The server can help with food selection and portions if a guest is not familiar with the food.  Food was exceptional.
  • La Carreta (Mexican):  Authentic Mexican food – what would one expect?!
  • Culinarium – Excellent service; great place for a romantic dinner.


Bar Service

All bars were well stocked with top-shelf liquor; no complaints from anyone.  At the request of the guest, diet cranberry juice was even brought it. The bars could use some fresh fruit to add to their tropical drinks.  It’s so nice to see Pedro, Alberto and Esperanza year after year.



HBR is beautifully landscaped and well-kept as always.  


Guest Rooms

Soft tones and colors for relaxing when not at the pool.  Plenty of hot water and air conditioning worked well. Well stocked liquor cabinet and mini bar.  Turn down service most nights.


Swimming Pools – Beaches

Plenty of lounge chairs (more than in the past and everyone had a chair without looking; instead of the normal 6 chairs by the pool front, there were at least 10) and umbrellas whether you want to sit around the pool or on the beach as well as many cabanas.  Even when the resort was sold out on Wednesday, there was plenty of room; it didn’t feel crowded. Swim up bar was popular to keep everyone “hydrated”. Several guests took the opportunity to have massages or their surf & turf dinners on the beach. The beach is not very wide and guests should not expect soft, white sand. There was an unusual amount of seaweed this year, but the HBR grounds staff work on the removal morning, noon and night.


Hot tub

The hot tub was usually crowded at the end of the afternoon for one last cocktail and very good snacks (chicken fingers, onion rings, sliders, etc. every day) before folks went for naps/dinner/nightly entertainment.


EntertainmentTheme Nights

  • Most guest dress this year, including the men!
  • Rocker Night – Guns & Roses, Twisted Sister, Deaf Leopard and a number of other bands showed up for this event.
  • School Girls Night – a huge hit – we even had three men dress as naughty school girls.  
  • Mascaraed Sexy Lingerie Night – good theme with some pretty wild masks.
  • Castaway’s Island – everyone loved Wilson!
  • Glow Party – huge success even with HBR party of Saturday night.  
  • Gala night – sexy, fun and sophisticated!



  • A good week for Castaways Guest.  
  • A number of guests were at HBR because of the hurricane damage to St. Martin.  All loved it and found it to be great
  • HBR staff excelled at customer service; it’s nice to see the same faces after all these years!  For his first year, Martin (New GM) excelled.
  • HBR made each of our personal lobster dinners special.  Those with swim-up suites had private dinners and those who did not – had dinner on the beach; a little windy.  
  • HBR did an excellent job celebrating special occasions:  
    • One lady had a 50th Birthday
    • A couple had their 5th  anniversary
  • Everyone became acclimated to the clothing optional resort very easily.
  • Catamaran trip – Great fun trip with Pepe and the gang.  
  • The bars could use some fresh fruit to add to their tropical drinks versus the various fruit liquors.
  • Castaways Gave new bags and goodies and were very much appreciated.