Well, another year and another week at Hidden Beach. Chris has already posted a big thank you to Gary and Terrie. I think we all feel the same way, Sooooo. Thank You, Terrie and you top Gary. We hope to see you hosting again next year.

It was a great week scheduling gave us all Two Foam Parties and Two Glow nights. That’s a scheduling oops that I think we all can live with. The singing outburst was not as much as last year, no improvement in talent either. I think the gang at Tinker’s Cove were looking for Alice and putting it to song.

I myself developed a multiple personality. I thought I was Superman. Then morphed into Juanita (a HOT???? latino babe). In my last delusional moment, I may have been a priest. I do believe I had a few minutes of clarity when I met this hottie named Bethany. Hope we invited her back for next year. Bethany Muy Caliente !!!!!!

I don’t want to forget the other activities. Volleyball always fun. Flip flops and Margaritas a new event brought to you by Gary and Terrie.. Water balloon battles. Maybe next year we could have lawn tractor races. I know someone who would love that event. (No names). Also, Just a trivia fact. Guests both new and repeat now know the location of Tinker’s Cove. It will be our secret.

Last but not least. The reason HBR has a 5-star rating. A very Big Thank You to the Staff. I did not get photos of all, and to those, I missed my apologies. I have included their photos so we all and look back and remember them. Carlos and Roberto our Food, Alberto and Esperanza our Drinks, Angel, Gaspar and Aniceto our breakfast and lunch, Ricardo wait staff. Pedro our late afternoon and evening drinks,
Galdino our evening meals and wonderful service. Last but not least Angelica. She may not have been the one to do your daily Towel sculpture an housekeeping, she was ours and we were very pleased.

Finally, Thanks to Jose Martin Garcia Hernandez “Chef de Village”. You have a great team working for you take good care of them all. Hope to see you all next year. Guest and staff.