We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to Quintana Roo and HBR. We were referred to Castaways and HBR by friends from another resort, and the experience lived up to their billing and exceeded our expectations. It was a very comfortable, (au) natural experience. We met some great folks which made it even better. It is definitely on our list for a return engagement, perhaps even for the 16th anniversary!

1) Reservations process and service – wonderful; lots of communication, fast response, moved us from waitlist to HBR room (yay!)
2) Airport transfers – Arrival/Departure – great new airport; was a little bit confused by customs procedure and exactly where to find Lomas, but we figured it out; other than traffic and having to wait a bit for the ride, the trip was pleasant and uneventful
3) Hotel Room – loved the in-room whirlpool; other than the H2O going out for part of one day, it was a very nice room with a view of the pool and beach; would have loved a balcony as well
4) Resort service & dining – service was excellent for the most part, although sometimes we had to wait a bit even when there were few folks seated; we enjoyed the food and especially appreciated the staff making adjustments for us; we would have liked more plant-based and dairy-free options for eating; we came down with intestinal issues after eating at the Asian restaurant, but clearly do not know if that was the cause 🙁 thankfully it didn’t last too long;
5) Entertainment – glow night artist was amazing; loved the water volleyball
6) Hosts – Gary and Terrie were lovely hosts; very friendly and helpful; we enjoyed seeing what new outfit Terrie was wearing each time it changed 🙂 
7) Concierge, Martin, and staff – they helped make it a great experience; the concierge folks came to us so we didn’t have to wait around or come back to them; check-in and check-out were smooth and pleasant 
8) Anything else you would suggest or improve – we would skip the school girl night and would prefer lingerie night instead; would love some specific advice on tipping (I did a lot of research to come up with our plan), which seemed to increase the attentiveness of the staff significantly; we needed to make all of our reservations when we arrived, as options were limited the next day; it would have been nice to have information with maps about Sensimar and El Dorado at check-in so that we could have planned more effectively; loved having unlimited towels and plenty of palaces and chairs.

Castaways Note: Gratuities are INCLUDED in the room rate. Some guests discreetly tip for exceptional service but not expected.