Nude Snorkeling at Hidden Beach

nude snorkeling

To enjoy nude snorkeling you need several key ingredients:

  1. A world-class resort (check) Hidden Beach is the finest nude resort in the world.
  2. A great beach (check) Hidden Beach is nude everywhere, anytime in the resort
  3. Great snorkeling spots (check) There are several excellent snorkel sites nearby
    1. reefs – we have reefs
    2. cenotes – we have many crystal clear limestone springs nearby

Wait!  Snorkel in the nude in a cenote?

People have done this for a long time.  It just takes a little creativity and a helpful tour guide.  We can’t guarantee you will be able to pull this off but do let us know when and where.  Share your stories and photos with us.  We will post them here with your permission.

nude snorkeling cenote


Nude snorkeling off the resort is a bit like public flashing.  So, be cautious.  Remember the entire Hidden Beach Resort is clothing optional, so you can snorkel in the nude anywhere you want.  Start out with the swimming pool for laughs, then move to the beach and practice your moves.

Recommended equipment:  mask, fins, and a snorkel.  In addition to your naked self and a companion, you may want a towel to dry off, or not.  No need to pack any of this gear.  The resort will provide everything that you need.  Pack light 🙂

After a relaxing day exploring the resort, nude snorkeling, drying each other off, save a little time for an adult beverage, a fabulous dinner, and dancing under the stars.  Have a blast!  Tomorrow is another day and there are so many more fun things to do at Hidden Beach!

Click here for a review of the activities available.

The nude cruise (extra charge) may have an additional nude snorkeling opportunity.  You may also snorkel next door at El Dorado, but not in the nude (bummer).